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  1. Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show, London

    July 14-18 2016

  2. typical junkdreams of movie stars as the neural pathways are washed out every night

    junkspace is the whitewashing of time, space, architecture, struggle, difference

    white on white, you loose your sense of separateness

    cleanliness is next to godliness

    heaven is a place of exclusion

    the walls impose limitations to movement

    the walls contain you yet don’t care about you

    the furniture, made in your image, keeps quiet and still like you’re supposed to be

    a porcelain, poreless, impenetrable goddess

    all the young-skinny-white celebrities have infinitesimal variations on the same face

    their white tears make a bath

    Christian virtues: Justice, Prudence, Courage, Temperance, Hope, Faith, Charity

    you stole them, made them your own, taking selfies and making affirmations

    from within the walls you grew wild, spewing seeds in unforeseen directions and taking hold

    painting weeds, as a mindfulness exercise

  3. photo: Rebecca Lennon

    photo: Rebecca Lennon