Without sustained remembrance, we cannot learn to live with ghosts and so cannot think. 

-Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble


Mourning is about dwelling with a loss and so coming to appreciate what it means, how the world has changed, and how we must ourselves change and renew our relationships if we are to move forward from here. In this context, genuine mourning should open us into an awareness of our dependence on and relationships with those countless others being driven over the edge of extinction... This work is not opposed to practical action, rather it is the foundation of any sustainable and informed response.

 -Thom van Dooren, Flight Ways



For Donna Haraway, mourning is neither hopeful nor despairing, future or past oriented, but about sitting with the complexity of relations surrounding and in you. It's about thinking responsibly of consequences to others and not looking away. My ritualistic process of mimetic painting, in which I closely observe and render 150 wildlife species at risk from the federal government's database SARA, allows me to meditate on the creatures that are dying as direct and indirect results of my and my culture's presence. Looking at this truth and the specificity of life and relations in these moments of sustained reflection and attention is for me currently one way to respond and find responses along the way.



A series of 150 archival prints will be made to raise funds for habitat conservation in Canada.

15% of every sale will go to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

email andrealindaw@gmail.com or see Etsy




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