Andrea Williamson

910 Rue Saint-Alexandre

Longueuil, QC J4H 3G9

(514) 775 6351

Education :

2021 (en cours), candidat à la Maîtrise en Enseignement des Arts, UQÀM, Montréal, Canada

2014-2016, Masters Fine Art (Distinction), Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

2004-2007, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Double major in Fine and Media Art, NSCAD, Halifax, Canada

Artistic Residencies :

2019, Labo des couleurs éphémères, On Sème, Campus MIL, Université de Montréal, Canada 

2016, Study Week with Jesse Darling, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK

2012, Life is beautiful...(Thematic Residency), Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada 2011, White Rabbit Open Air Residency, Upper Economy, Canada

2010, Self-directed residency, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada 2008, Independent Summer Residency, Toronto School of Art, Canada

2007, artist in residence, Virginia Centre for Creative Arts, Amherst County, United States

Teaching Practice :

2023, "L'art et l'éco-citoyenneté", workshop series instructor (Bilingual), Les Amis du Champs des Possibles, Montréal, Canada

2020-present, enseignante spécialiste en arts plastiques, Centre de services scolaires de Montréal, Canada

2019-present, Watercolour painting instructor (Bilingual), Visual Arts Centre, Montréal, Canada

2019-present, “Illustration Botanique”, course instructor (French), Jardin Botanique de Montréal, Canada

2019, “Cartographie Sensible”, workshop instructor (French), Les Amis du Champs des Possibles, Montréal, Canada

2019, “L’art des substances vivantes”, workshop instructor (French), On Sème and Projets Ephémères du Campus MIL, Montréal, Canada

2019, “Atelier jardin famille”, workshop facilitator (French), Université d’été d’agriculture urbaine (On Sème), Montréal, Canada

2019, “L’art de la Biophilie”, course instructor (French), Les Amis du Champs des Possibles, Montréal, Canada

2018-2019, visiting art instructor, Competency Development Centre Vimont, Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board, Laval, Canada

2017-2018, “Soirée d’illustration botanique”, course instructor (Bilingual), Les Amis du Champs des Possibles, Montréal, Canada

2016, “Ritual painting”, workshop facilitator, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK

One or Two-person Exhibitions (Selected) :

2019, La fête des récoltes, jardins du Campus MIL, Montréal, Canada

2018, Butterfly Chair, Jardin Botanique de Montréal, Canada

2017, Cacotopia, Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK

2016, She Thrives in Poor Soils, Goldsmiths Degree Show, Goldsmiths, London, UK 2016 , Frank’s Last Walk, Goldsmiths Gallery, London, UK

2015 , #magichour, Area 51, London, UK

2014, The Immortal Maker, Pith Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2012, Second Skin, Haight Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2011, The Open Crowd, Latitude 53 ProjEx Room, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2011, Where we fit in, Epcor Centre for the Arts window gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2010, Portrait of a Crowd, Local Library, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2009, Eyes as Skin and Shapes cut out, Untitled Arts Society, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2007, Christmas at the Williamson Household, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Canada

2006, The Smoke Clouded above the Houses, The New Gallery +15 window, Calgary, Canada

Group Exhibitions (Selected) :

2019, Our House of Common Weeds, Newbridge Projects, Newcastle, UK 2017, Our House of Common Weeds, Res., London, UK

2017, O Canada! , Beers London, UK

2017, Mirrors, Via Visconti di Modrone, Milano in conjunction with MiArt, Italy 2017, Synthetic Ecology: Moving Image Festival, Onca, Brighton, UK

2016, We’re Having a Great Time, Rockelmann &, Berlin, Germany

2016 , ...And To Dust All Return, Unnaway project space, Huddersfield, UK 2016 , Fragments on the Fourth Wave, Rose Lipman Building, London, UK 2016 , No Lifeguard On Duty, Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany

Illustrations :

2022 Notre Ville Permaculturelle, Fournier, Christelle, et al. Fertiles Édition. Illustrations en collaboration avec Cynthia Saint-Gelais.

2021 Les 7 principes Sans Trace, De ville en forêt, Montréal, CA

2018 Catalogue de Biodiversité Urbaine, Les Amis du Champ des Possibles, Montréal, CA


Critical Writing/Publications (Selected) :

Williamson, Andrea L. Récit pluriel. Notre Ville Permaculturelle. Fournier, Christelle, et al. Fertiles Édition, 2022. 203-209

Williamson, Andrea L. A Many-Handed Practice. esse. 2021;; 101: .

Williamson, Andrea L. Invisible as One and Many: the Mirror Drawings of Anthea Black and Thea Yabut. esse. 2017; 91: 36-41.

Williamson, Andrea L. Hannah Collins. This is Tomorrow. 2015;

Williamson, Andrea L. Tactics of Cultural Elaboration In and Around the Art Gallery. Wonder and Resonance: Fiction/Non-fiction. Edited by Naomi Potter and Shauna Thompson. Esker Foundation, 2015, pp. 81-86.

Williamson, Andrea L. Tyler Los-Jones. Blackflash. 2014; 31: 48-53.

Williamson, Andrea L. Pre-demolition Art as a Staging of Power-free Relations. esse. 2014; 80: 10-19.

Williamson, Andrea L. Sean MacAlister: Crow’s Nest. Cmagazine. 2012; 115: 54-55.


Other Projects :

2018-present, Spoonful of Dirt, artist duo with Nina Pariser, Tio'Tia : Ke (Montréal), CA

2021-2022, Faisons briller la neurodiversité, Projet de création de 5 bannières en collaboration avec l'école de l'Étincelle, Programme Écoles de quartier, Arrondissement du Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montréal, CA

2019 Les Dessins Botanique du Champ des Possibles, exhibition co-organiser, Champ des Possibles, Montréal, CA

2016/7 City of Calgary Utilities and Environment Protection, Public Art Commission, Calgary, CA

2016 love (without capital): Imagining Relations After UBI, group LARP, The Showroom, London, UK 2016 Green Idol, Cosmos Carl (online platform),

2016 “A View From A Very Comfortable Chair” poster edition with David Court, Modern Fuel, Kingston, Canada


Artist Talks/Presentations :

2019, “Mes dix œuvres préférées | My Ten Favourite Artworks”, Visual Arts Centre, Montréal, Canada

2019, “Rewilding the Classroom: Encouraging Resonant Exchanges in Undetermined Spaces”, Art History Graduate Conference, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada

2018, “The Future Is a Collective Project”, Roundtable discussion, Res., London, UK

2017, “Synthetic Ecology”, Symposium participant, Onca Gallery, Brighton, UK

2016, “Images As Relations: A Confusion of Tongues”, Girls on Film postgraduate symposium, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK

2016, “Reading the Word, Reading the World. On Display: The Aesthetics of Resistance”, Symposium participant, Birkbeck/Goldsmiths’ Art Department, University of London and The Field, New Cross, UK

2015, Artist talk, Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK

2014, "We: Finding A Way", Panel discussion, Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, Canada 2014, Artist Panel, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK

2007, Artist talk, Sweet Briar College, Amherst, Virginia, USA


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